Saturday, December 10, 2016

Expenses in Germany

There are a number of different MONTHLY expenses in Germany. Some of them are mentioned as follows: 1. Accommodation ( 200 € -  350 € ) ...Click here to see more

Accommodation in Germany

There are different types of common accommodations a student can avail/rent in Germany. 1. Studentenwe...Click here to see more

Applying to Germany | A short guide

WHY GERMANY? Following are some reasons that might clear your mind as to why should you choose to pursue education in Germany: 1. Germany..........Click here to see more

Through My Eyes: Books

Monday, December 5, 2016

Streets of Oldenburg II

Oldenburg, Germany

Streets of Oldenburg I

Oldenburg, Germany

A glimpse of Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germany

SOUL: Seasons Of Undying Life

One moment, we are there, enjoying our lives, lush and green like the leaves in spring. Unaware of what's to come, we reside in our enchanted dream, falling in love with every color that exists in the spectrum of our desires........
Soon enough, our lives take a turn. The heat turns up and what follows is pain and struggle. We each come face to face with unsettling issues as our lives unfold through this season. We stumble and fall, just to stand up again and repeat.........
And while we confront our fears, we realize that time has somehow sped up. Losing the grip on time takes a toll. Like the leaves of Autumn, we begin to fade, turn pale and weak until our lives become brittle enough to fall off the branches. And so in time, every leaf falls, riding on the back of the wind only to rest among the others like it.......
Then comes the cold silence. Barren branches sob over the lost ones. But the silence itself is the winter's way of telling us to foresee and listen for the cries of joy, to the coming of new life so the cycle could continue. And as the silence nears its end, the new beginnings emerge......