Accommodation in Germany

> Types of accommodations:

There are different types of common accommodations a student can avail/rent in Germany.

1. Studentenwerk (Student hostel)

Every city in Germany has its own Studentenwerk (Hostel/Dorms), the link of which you can easily look for on the internet e.g. Studentenwerk Bremen. Hostels in some of the cities require the students to apply for accommodation few months before their move-in date, some even ask to apply 6 months before. So it's best if you apply a lot before hand depending on the city, since it ensures your chance of getting a room. The room rents of Studentenwerk are much cheaper than any other kind of accommodation. Types of rooms available can also be looked upon on their website. There are usually single room apartments and shared apartments with up to 8 rooms.

However, in some cities, Studentenwerk can not support all the students due to lack of rooms. But nevertheless, you should still apply so you can wait for an available room while you live somewhere else for a while. And talking about somewhere else, that's where 2nd option comes up.

2. Other student dorms
Depending on the city, there are often other student dorms available as well. You can just search for it on the internet. Like in Bremen, there are other dorms like The Fizz and Galileo.

3. Private accommodation in Shared flats/WG
Like everywhere in the world, rooms in flats and houses are available for rent in Germany too. There are rooms available for students to rent. These rents are comparatively higher than the Studentenwerk rents (most of the time) but still affordable. It's advised to look for a private accommodation on the side as well instead of waiting till the end for the Studentenwerk to reply. The most used website is
You can easily search for the rooms, based on your requirements and move-in date. There's usually an interview with the people who put up the Ad, a skype interview in case you are not yet in Germany. The people usually decide and answer in a week or two (don't keep you hanging like Studentwerk).

Note for students of Pakistan:
Mostly for every city there is a Pakistan Student Association (PSA) group on facebook. It's a great guidance especially if you are looking for an urgent accommodation. Other than that, any queries regarding that city can also be entertained by the admins and members of that group.

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