Expenses in Germany

There are a number of different MONTHLY expenses in Germany. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

1. Accommodation (
200€ - 350)
This expense varies with each city, some are expensive while others are much cheaper. The rent includes electricity and water as well. For more info visit: Accommodation in Germany

2. Internet (5€ - 15)
If you get a room at Studentenwerk, the rent mostly covers the internet charges as well. But for private accommodation, usually internet is excluded from the rent.

3. Health Insurance (45€ - 90)
To live in Germany, having health insurance is compulsory, even to enroll at the university. Basically there are two types of insurances, public and private. Public insurance costs 90€ while a private insurance starts from 45. The difference between these two insurances is the facilities provided. Public insurances are advised since they cover more expenses than a private insurance. Two commonly known Health insurance companies are TK & AOK.

4. Cellular network charges (approx. 15€ )
This expense depends mostly on the user but usually costs around 15 for both prepaid and postpaid sims. Some commonly known companies are O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone.

5. University Semester contribution fee (approx. 300 Per Semester)
This expense depends on the university and is mandatory since you have to re-register every semester by paying this fee. One important thing that it covers is your Semester ticket which can be used for free transport (train, bus, tram) within your city or for trains to some neighboring cities.

6. Other utilities including food and supplies 
This expense depends completely on each person. Following are some common things and their costs:
1. Eggs (10) - 1.19
2. Milk (1L) - 0.46
3. Bread (750g) - 0.85
4. Halal Chicken (1 Kg) - 2
5. Banana (1 Kg) - 1
6. Tomatoes (1 Kg) - 2
7. Yoghurt (500g) - 0.49
8. Sunflower Oil (IL) - 1.29
9. Onion (I Kg) - 0.75

If you intend to eat outside, most of the meals cost under 5€.

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